Wix Video

Wix Video - Upload, sell & manage your original videos.

For almost 9 months at Wix.com︎, I joined the UX team on Wix Video, which enables users to upload, sell and manage their original videos in their Wix site.

By the end of July 2020, Wix Video had 1.29M active users with 1.79M videos added monthly & 1.31M monthly video sales.

I was the only UX on the team so my responsibilities ranged from small features like enabling video downloads and video settings to large-scale projects like live streaming videos and a Wix standalone video component.

Videos tab

1. Live Stream Project  
The goal was to enable streaming live video content directly. We wanted to offer the complete and more professional solution to broadcast from desktop in addition to mobile.
More on this project here

Live stream tab

2. Video app settings panel
The Wix Video app settings panel is where the user sees different video layouts and another one of my responisibilities in the product. Because each layout gets its own settings, I had to be very organized in order to create a system where adding a setting to the panel will be easiest.

Wix Video Settings
Video panel layout tab

3. Standalone single video player
Though creating the Wix Single Video Player seems like a simple project, it was, in fact, a complex one, as it connected the video team with other teams by creating a video player that has consistent features and ui as the rest of the editor components.

Video layout settings

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