Wix ADI - Create a website with automatically generated content and design.

Wix ADI︎ allows novice users to create their own beautiful websites that contain custom content for their business, after answering a few questions. 

I took part in this project for 3 years: I was part of the small founding team before it launched in 2017 and continued to be part of the team that grew to around 50+ people. 

The work ranged from high level projects (such as creating the system structure, UI and the set of preliminary questions) to specific features (for example, allowing the user to have rich text capabilities or changing site colors).

By the end of July 2020 , there were 118K Daily Users with an average of 2.9M monthly active users.

The process
The process included inventing the ADI experience from scratch: from the onboarding stage to the actual site builder.
I also worked on creating organized assets for this project, specificall working close with developers to create reusable parts that  can be implemented easily.
Working on ADI involved collaborating with programmers, content writers, product managers, design team, QA, analysts, marketing and more.

Some other tasks I performed include creating a holistic media experience, in which the users can choose which media they want to show (image, video, gallery) and which layout they prefer.
I also created the first coloration experience for the user - starting from choosing brand color, to choosing a palette, and for advanced users - completely customizing the palette.

Content panel
The content panel

Mockup for panel navigation

Editing content could not be on stage because of technical reasons, so we had to create a simple panel for content editing. Some of the tasks I did were: enabling rich text editing, creating assets and more.

The design panel

Each section has design settings such as font size, alignment & height. The system is very visual so we decided to show the actual section. Some of the tasks I did were: site coloration panel, media selection, themes thumbnails and more.
Check out this case study for the color panel.

UI system assets

Since this project is a complex website builder, we had to create reusable ui components that are easy to find and use (a design system). I was in charge of creating reusable assets along with developers, so the ADI experience is consistent.

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