Wix Media Panel - a place for all your site media

Final result (Panel on the left)

Every Wix.com︎ site has a Media Manager modal where the user can see the site media, search, buy stock media and more. This modal is quite complex & content heavy, my team’s goal was to create a simple panel that shows all the user’s media.

Existing Media Manager modal

  1. Simplifying the flow of adding media to your site (just click or drag the file to the site)
  2. Better discovery of media - introducing search capability for free/paid content in all different media types (Images, Videos, Illustrations, Vector art etc).
  3. Reduce the need to open the Media Manager modal for every media file interaction.

By the end of 2019 the panel was used by 20% of users who open the Wix Editor.

1. Spec
I took the product manager’s requirements and created a simple flowchart with all cases.


2. Wireframes
This time I created the wireframes with my favourite tool, Google Slides :) . It makes it easier to communicate with all team members.

Wireframes in Google Slides

We finally all agreed on this option, which shows all media without type separation.

Wireframes in Google Slides

3. UI & Assets
Creating UI was pretty simple, since I had to use the existing Wix UI Design System.
The hard part was creating all the edge cases and communication them to Dev, but that’s where the flowchart helps.

Isolated panel

Assets in Zeplin

4. Results
This feature was A/B tested by March 2019 and currently open to all users after showing improvement in it’s main KPIs:
  1. Increase in Premiums (+2.2%)
  2. Upload files to site (+3.6%)
  3. Decrease in opening the media manager modal (-31%)
  4. Adding files to site through the panel (+1.3%)

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