Live Stream

Live Stream Case Study - Enable streaming live video content directly to your site.

This was a project I was part of during my time in Wix Video team. The goal was to enable streaming live video content directly. We wanted to offer the complete and more professional solution to broadcast from desktop in addition to mobile.

  1. Top feature request
  2. Competition - All competitors have this, in Wix users can really own their audience, their brand and can monetize content
  3. More premiums - Enabling users more ways to create content = more upload time = more premiums

From July 2018, around 4.5K users used this feature.

When working on large-scale projects, I love planning out the project with a flow chart - this helps me understand the scope and it is also an effective way to communicate the product to other team members.
I love flowcharts

2. Wireframes
I also created wireframes using Google Slides. I know it’s not conventional, but it’s an easy & quick way to create, modify and get feedback. Just make sure contributor’s editing options are not enabled :)

Wireframing in Google Slides

3. UI & Assets
In the UI stage, I worked with Wix UI system. This is a design system intended to unify all of Wix’s backoffices.

#1.1 Going live for the first time

#1.2 Going live after user has some live videos

#2 Adding video info

#3 Connecting an Encoder to the site

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